posted June 22 2005


The blokes outside the plumbing shop were watching as the stencil went down. One guy said “what’s that, some sort of electric bed?” The others didn’t say anything.


Vale St: When J flipped the mattress base over she thought it was a stencil. On closer inspection it was a series of tiny burnt holes. There was a control panel built into the side panel.

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What act of contemplation went into making that pattern of burn holes? Who was sitting there, thinking about what, as they smoked and dipped the cigarette into the fabric?


or maybe it was just the electric bed going haywire?


I saw some street graffiti sprayed on a mattress and it spoke to me. In fact, it follows me. I thought it was accusing me of playing musical beds too often-like I should be sorry, or feel guilty for those I left behind or something. I called my 70 year old friend to meet me on the corner of Robe and Acland St. I thought it was her being confrontational, and she wanted me to live more consciously or something. I’m always leaving cold sheets behind. Maybe that’s a sign of the times too. Aids is dead. (from my memory anyway) We can fuck people again and start to share our beds…with a condom, but without guilt, amongst new glass and aluminium safety, all council approved. This is no secret life. It wasnt her, but it could have been. Somehow I am guilty, but I am not sure how.


whoa, that makes airing your dirty linen look squeaky clean.

I guess you can brave the elements but not an aggrieved lover.

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