posted February 28 2005

J is taking a photo of these chairs, she loves the blue. Would anybody take them and reuse them? From this position they look like they are humping, rather fitting really. T with the fabulous bosom who works at the corner of Carlisle and Mitchell St used live there for a long time with her horrible dealer boy friend. Sometimes she’d stand at exactly that spot and tout.

A voice says “it looks better now it’s painted”. J looks up and realises that the flats have a new coat of paint.
She can’t help herself and says “it looked pretty good before”.
“Yeah but now my Mum might come and visit me, she didn’t like me living in a slum.”
J thought about her own mother’s response when she moved to Fitzroy in the early 80s.
She nearly said “mothers never change do they?”

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ian corcoran:

Like your chairs,


I liked the chairs so much I did a paiting for my artworks course based on them. How many other srtists noticed them? have you seen the giant cactus that flowers opposite ? xxx Michael


Yes, but only in my peripheral vision, I’ll take extra notice tomorrow.

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