posted May 6 2006

Time wasters

“What are you doing that for?” he said.

“To┬áprompt a different way of thinking about stuff in the street .”

He paused for a second, then said “you know in the 30s there was this fellow who used to write the word Eternity in chalk on the pavement. He did it for years all over Sydney, the same word over and over again.”

“That’s one of the ideas behind this work” J said enthusiastically.

“I could find better things to do with my time” he answered. “But it was nice talking to you” he said as he walked away.

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I love this kind of stuff. I saw you just now on the ABC. Well done, I wish someone would do this sort of thing in my community.


Just saw you on ABC, great take on visual art.


after seeing the story on the abc, i had to come on this website to see the other work you had done, its great…and has such a bigger meaning.


wow i just saw the story on the ABC, and i just have to say your work is very inspiring


just saw yu on the abc – love what yu do!! thinking i may need to brighten up brisbane a bit ^__^*


Your work is exactly what I’ve been looking for to show my yr 12 art students the meanings behind text art by Australian text artists- thank you


saw your segment on abc and loved it. will be looking out for your work around st.kilda and beyond…


hello, i saw this also on the ABC. I was so intrigued so i checked it out! I’m always being told that i analyze things to much, and by seeing your work im glad that i do because it’s me and one day due to my ‘analysitic mind’ i could be doing a simlilar thing like this, but in journalism becuase thats what i wish to persue one day! Thankyou for the inspiration to think deeper and find the true meaning in other peoples views and opinions! -Jody, QLD

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