posted February 25 2005

Overnight somebody has added some art and 2 more mattresses have appeared across the road. This impulse for comfort reminded J of a story somebody told her during the margins, memories and markers project.

Wall-less Bedroom
I was running around the back streets of Theatreworks, looking for some evidence of the bag that was just stolen from my car. Down St Leonards Ave, took a cut-through to Neptune St through an empty block. And there, sleeping on a bed was a guy, with a bookshelf, clothes hanging in the tree, a supermarket trolley of things, and a few things scattered around. Just like any normal bedroom, but without the walls. Fascinating. That really diverted me from worrying about the $400 cash I just gave to someone who was good at picking locks. When I went back sometime later, the sleeping man and wall-less bedroom was gone, and someone had put up a temporary fence and a land-for-sale sign. Oh well.

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