posted May 5 2005

I always respond to images first. So when I saw this on the pier as winter looms I made up my own text…’last bather of of the season’. So it wasn’t until I got home that I read the image properly. I hate it and apart from the obvious reasons it reminds me that a friend of mine was raped on St Kilda beach in the 80’s. She is just one of many in the days of St Kilda ‘badlands’.

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changed meaning November 2005

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I agree & sympathize – but perhaps it’s a satirical immage – the figure in the image appears to be protecting herself.

My parents were married in the church on Acland Street.


Tell me more….about the satire, maybe I’m missing something?
I wondered that too, but she’s also looking pouty and available …so while ambiguous and confusing at the same time, i thought it wasn’t a matter to mess with.


If there is beauty in the flower. Then what of her roots?


Site and context are always part of making good public art.


I would agree if good was the intention. Provoking none the less.


What I mean by good (or should I say successful) is that the content works with site and that artist has knowledge of the context that adds to the meaning of the work.
So the work becomes greater than the sum of the parts.
Provoke, challenge or even shock but understanding how the viewer may interpret a work is part of the job in my view.
Having said that I love it when somebody brings a totally unexpected reading to my work.

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