true stories

posted July 18 2005

posted June 28 2005

J had just placed the stencil in position.
It was probably the noise that caught her attention first. She glanced up and saw a human form engulfed by a swarm of pigeons, moving slowly towards her.

A small figure stopped near where she was working and started talking. J couldn’t understand her words because they were overwhelmed by 100 wings flapping.
J quickly finished the stencil.
The old lady dumped her seed.
Something spooked the pigeons, they rose up into the air and the stencil followed
in the up-draft.

As they both departed she realised what the old lady was saying
“I don’t put the seed on the foot path”.
J had been ready to reply, “I only stencil rubbish”.

posted June 22 2005


The blokes outside the plumbing shop were watching as the stencil went down. One guy said “what’s that, some sort of electric bed?” The others didn’t say anything.


Vale St: When J flipped the mattress base over she thought it was a stencil. On closer inspection it was a series of tiny burnt holes. There was a control panel built into the side panel.

posted June 14 2005

Blessington St

Blessington and Barkly Streets

A remnant of this piano was last seen in Mitford St. It looked like an abandoned ‘harp type’ instrument lying amongst the cardboard boxes. By the time J returned with her camera, it was gone. What happened to the keyboard, what happened to the frame and what happpened to the players?

posted June 7 2005

Blessington St and Belford St

more to come…………………..

posted June 5 2005

2 artworks gone … one to go … hidden in the park by St Kilda Beach.

Log onto Cracks in the Pavement website to find out more.

posted April 25 2005

Found – St Kilda Beach on the side of the little pier near Luna Park.

Can artists still afford to live in St Kilda?

‘One Degree of Separation’ exhibition at Theatreworks – 14 Acland St St Kilda
or click here to access the show online

posted February 26 2005

J was talking to a friend the other day about mattresses and other thing that are left on the streets. S tells her a story about a friend who, after reading a good book, would always leave it in a public place. Lots of people do it all over the world so that books can be shared. This woman had left her copy of the ‘Life of Pi’ in a coffee shop in London. Six months later within a day of arriving in Bombay she sees a copy of the the same book in a cafe, she picks it up and flicks through …..there are her comments written in the margins.

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