posted December 7 2005

Found: A wall of speakers waiting to be bumped into the Palais Theatre for a pop concert.

“Who are you and what are you doing”, demanded the man with an official number pinned to his white shirt that was straining to cover his over-blown chest.

“I’m a local artist and I’m taking photos of the speakers”, answered J politely.

“Well, you’re not allowed to”, he replied curtly.

“Why not” said J.

“Management has said you can’t take photos”, he came back with all the confidence of somebody who inhabits an enormous body.

“I’m terribly sorry”, said J who was starting to get a little heated, “there is no law that says I can’t take a photo in a public place”.

“Well you can’t”, came the reply, “do you want me to call management?”

“Yes”, said J “and you can call the police too and they will tell there is no law that stops me from taking a photo in a public space”.

By this stage a few roadies who were standing around started buying into the argument, J might be small but she wasn’t backing down. So one bright spark chimes in, “you have to be 10 metres away from the truck because a bomb is going to go off.”

Realising how stupid this sounded he came up with an amended version and said, “you’re not allowed within 10 metres of the truck when we are unloading.”

J just shook her head in wonder, took a few more photos and walked off.