posted August 1 2005

One comment for “Sometimes, always, never?”



Years ago, I was a junk dealer. I had a shop in Newcastle. My business partner and my partner used to drive around in a ute, checking out council clean-ups picking up old furniture that had been left behind. We figured we were saving it from the tip…and we probably were. Anyway, we found some amazing things!

One time, they got a job emptying a derelict house. The house was full of treasure, including a double brass and iron bed, still set up, sagging with a really rotten mattress. They folded the mattress over, took a corner in each hand, and lugged it out to ute. Without putting it down, they swung it out and over, into the tray. The mattress flopped open to reveal the wizzened body of a curled up little old woman. She had been asleep the whole time.

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