posted March 13 2006

She returned to pick up her sandals and rang on the door bell.

“Come in”, he said, “I just have to finish the stitching.”

“Come out the back and I’ll show you where I work.”

“Did you originally have a shop?” she asked.

“Yes”, he replied “in Bridge Road Richmond – for 40 years. Now I am retired but life doesn’t go as you expect, so I do a little work from home.”

“You must have seen a lot of change in Richmond,” she commented, “like when they built the high-rise.”

“Yes” he said, “they just took the people’s houses and knocked them down. All those people, they got nothing for their land. Government couldn’t do that these days.”

“Do you like tomatoes”, he asked. “I get a bag for you. I’ve got too many.”

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What a wonderful journey to a lost era. As a small child in Kew, I recall ‘Bootmakers’ with their tiny shops attached to their homes in residential streets. True artisans lost to technology and the relentless march of progress and ‘want it now’ mentality. I would like to make this chap a new sign, but I fear that would take the charm from his meagre endeavours. Perhaps he should advertise tomatoes as well for a few extra dollars that won’t interfere with his pension.


I have a problem with art or writing that includes poor spelling or grammar – very very lazy, undermines the quality of your very interesting art


Who are you talking to, ‘small r’ rhonda?


I?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢m the culprit, however being mildly dyslexic, having no spell check on the blog software and the pressure of developing material for two sites, I do my best under the circumstances. So if you do see any mistakes and you have the time, I would appreciate an email.
Thanks for your feedback. Julie


I’m also the culprit, as I usually keep one eye on Julie’s posts and ‘tinker’ with them here and there where there are typos.

& the art isn’t any less interesting!


Artistic licensing??…
I’m also a culprit, but not on this site… just in life in general. So long as we all understand each other it should be ok, no?

Keep up the great work!!.. hope to visit St Kilda soon

david tiley:

I’m with Tomas. For me it is just a matter of age and fingers dancing across the keys late at night.

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