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  1. xenmate on July 3 2006

    How big is St Kilda? There seems to be an awful lot of armchairs lying wround…


  2. Peter on July 3 2006

    There are. And mattresses. And old fridges and washing machines. Not to mention shopping trolleys.


  3. Julie on July 3 2006

    St Kilda has lots of flats/apartments so people are always moving in and out. In the ‘good old days’ you used to furnish a whole house with stuff found on the street, now unwanted furniture just sits there until the local council carts it away. The suburb was also nortoriously sleazy but with a touch of the exotic because of the large artist community taht used to live here. It’s all changed now and the pervading opinion is that St Kilda has totally gentrified but as this blog and the other site ‘ilovestilda’ show, you don’t have too look hard to encounter a contradictory version.


  4. Rundle on August 3 2006

    Ah yes! St. Kilda in the “good old days”.
    When a young photographer big on dreams and short on cash felt like he belonged. I could go on for hours! Better not. Too much nostalgia turns me to melancholy.


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