A difference of opinion


“Why do you feed the pigeons everyday?” he asked in an exasperated tone.
“They add life and colour to to the city and there have always been pigeons in Rome” she replied.
“But they are filthy and they shit all over the place”.
“They are my friends and they love the wheat I feed them”.


“You are just a crazy bird lady”, he snapped “you waste your money on wheat and nobody likes them except you”.
“That’s not true” said the woman “the tourists like them too. See over there, one is taking photos of the pigeons as we speak”.


Fifteen minutes later they were still arguing and the pigeons were still hungry.


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  1. pedro on November 21 2008

    Feathered friends or rats of the air? It’s the same argument in any language.


  2. Rundle on November 27 2008

    Great set, Julie. Well captured.


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