I must be in Naples because….


… there is a coin machine in the lift.

“I’ll show you to your room”, the concierge said as they entered the lift.
The traveller followed hoping that politeness would overide claustrophobia.
“Now,” the concierge instructed “to make it go up you need to put a coin in the meter”, as she rolled 5 cents into the slot.
The traveller was so incredulous she had to suppress a laugh, “I’ve never seen that before” she offered coyly, hoping not to sound like a smart arse.
The tone must have worked because the concierge respectfullly informed her,
“Most lifts in Naples are coin operated so make sure you keep your small change handy otherwise you will have to use the stairs.”

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  1. Rundle on January 28 2009

    Sounds like luxury. Our apartment in Naples was on the 4th floor. No elevator.
    And the building shook when the trams passed.


  2. Pedro on January 30 2009

    At least it’s not a poker machine.


  3. Eddy on February 7 2009

    If it was me in Naples I would have to wear those slippers in the last post while shuffling up the stairs, as I would have spent the last of my change buying them!


  4. Julie on February 12 2009

    You obviously have a very good sense of the cultural mores of Italy. House slippers are a must. Walk around in your socks or heaven forbid barefeet and you will get pneumonia.


  5. Janne Perry on March 3 2009

    Only the Italians would paint a lift interior RED. Looks fabulous too – so maybe the charge is for being allowed to absorb and contemplate all that colour during your hot, hot ride. Should have been embellished with some good stencil art, Julie…


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