Looking for an exhibition by Ernesto Neto


The gallery wasn’t on her map. The streets were familiar because she had been nearby the day before to have lunch with some friends.
“Straight ahead” the first person said “and then turn left straight away.”
It was a strange space, more like a private courtyard with a few shops but nothing that resembled a gallery.


“I’m very sorry, I can’t help you” apologised the woman with the dog. “I’ve never heard of that place.”


“Try asking her” replied another woman as she struggled to get her young son’s stroller through the gate. “She is always standing there.”


It was only when the visitor walked passed the discarded box for the second time she realised what was happening.

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  1. Rundle on November 27 2008

    Did she find the exhibition?


  2. Julie on November 27 2008

    Yes, but when I got there they said the exhibition was finished even though it was scheduled to run until Feb. They suggested I could go to bookshop instead!


  3. Rundle on November 28 2008

    Those Italians! Full of great suggestions.


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