Monument to mediocity

It’s the Australian Prime Minister’s 67th birthday today.
In the autumn of his life John Howard is well preserved for his age just like this couch. The beige herringbone cover is in good nick, the legs are sturdy and overall there are few visible signs of wear.

But surely there is more to life than this paticular version of ‘relaxed and comfortable’. If we are going to have retro I think I’d prefer a bean bag on the floor.

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  1. Rundle on August 3 2006

    So much for Howard, but what condition is the couch in?
    And the bean bag on the floor. Beazley?


  2. Julie on August 3 2006

    You have to say that Beazley was a beanbag with respect to form.


  3. Rundle on August 5 2006

    Certainly no cheap shot at political policy intended.


  4. Julie on August 7 2006

    Of course not, this is not a political art. However only time will tell if Beazley’s guts are made from polystyrene.


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