Pink bag

by filling this bag with……. good used clothing, toys, books, magazines, shoes, household goods etc
for collection this coming Monday.

The only bag that was ready for collection was the one sitting next to the mattress. (see below)

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  1. Marcia on May 25 2006

    Wow they really got around, had them in my neighbourhood too. If you read the ‘fine print’ on the bag, this lot are a ‘commercial operation’, ie. not a charity as such. I elected to keep my pile of donations inside & will take them to an Op Shop.


  2. Julie on May 30 2006

    It would be interesting to know what percentage of the money raised actually goes to charity. I’m with with you and so it seems was the rest of St Kilda. Apart from the full bag photographed with the previous post, the only bags I saw were empty.


  3. Marcia on June 7 2006

    Carnegie fell for it, hook , line & sinker. As for the percentage, it is ZERO. The clothes are sold although I expect not for much.


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