The Watchers: Drought, Deluge & Inferno

poussin the deluge copy 3
Bosch final last judgement - fire copy
Bellini Agony in the Garden 2 remade 72 dpi
Bosch_-_Haywain_Triptych final 72 dpi copy
Bellini_-_Allegoria_sacra framed 72 dpi copy
MEMBERGER, Kaspar the Elder 72 dpi v2 ed copy 2

Drawing on 15 –17 Century religious painting of flood, fire and desert these photomontages reflect new climate realities. European old masters imagined and interpreted landscapes they had never seen and within centuries we have made them a reality. The four enigmatic children from Bellini’s Sacred Allegory (c 1490 to 1500) populate the series, further unsettling these visions of the future.

Exhibited during Photo 2024, International Festival of Photography, and in the company of 10 accomplished friends and colleagues: Jodie Hutchinson | Kirsty Macafee | Paula Mahoney | Hedy Ritterman | Julie Shiels | Virginia Stobart | Claudia Terstappen | Linda Wachtel | Dianna Wells | Jacqueline Felstead | Ponch Hawkes.

Edge of Elsewhere, Curated by Diana Soumilas: March 4 – 30, 2024, Glen Eira Gallery, Melbourne