The Grandmasters II #Last_days | M.33 Melbourne | 2022

inside cover 72
double josh 72
equestrian portraits 72
barnaby and Abbott 72
Rape Lucretia 72
cow in well 72

The Grandmasters #sh*tf*ckery M.33 Melbourne | 2021

Empty | M33 | Melbourne | 2018

Waiting | M33 | Melbourne | 2017

As Long as it Last | M33 | Melbourne | 2014


How pioneering Australian linocut artists Ethel Spowers and Eveline Syme captured an exciting era of change  

Julie Gough’s ‘Tense Past’ reminds us how the brutalities of colonial settlement are still felt today, The Conversation, 2019

Dark Mofo 2019: a journey through the inferno to robots and extinction, The Conversation, 2019

Theatre is Lying is a welcome response to fake news and alternative facts, The Conversation, 2019

Art and Science come together to examine the power and perversion of perfection, The Conversation 2018

Incarceration and time’s passing eloquently explored at Dark Mofo, The Conversation, 2018

Hold your Fire, Inside Story, 2018

Private collectors are saving Australian art, but they can’t do it on their own, The Conversation, 2018

A riotous, often ribald exploration of feminism’s unfinished business, The Conversation, 2017

Still counting: why the visual arts must do better on gender equality, The Conversation, 2017

Waiting: rediscovering boredom in the age of the smartphone, The Conversation, 2017

Just passing through, 2007
Flock, 2008
Sleeper, 2009
Cusp, 2010
Things Fall Apart, 2013 (PDF)

PhD Extended Abstract: Ubiquitous Object, Invisible Things: