Hidden Life: Last Days

hooks half - 72
lampshade- 72
hall ceiling 72
5 dinning room light - 72
9 white wall - 72
8 stairs 72
green room ceiling - 72
front room ceiling 72
hall and bowl - 72

Last Days captured the hidden life of objects and the places they inhabit in the final days of Brooklyn Art Hotel.  Part home, part hotel for many who have visited Melbourne since 2006, this series of photos asked the question —  if an object could take a selfie what would it look like? Shot on a mobile phone these images are a last farewell and bring into view the overlooked relationships between spaces and things before Brooklyn is emptied and handed over to a new owner.

Last Days was an art event Supernaculum: to the last drop, curated by Aphrodite Feros-Fooke and Tom Shepherd-Barron, March 2020.