Cusp: a surgical intervention

J. Shiels RMIT Project Space June 2010
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Cusp, Julie Shiels (2010)
4 Cusp - Tuesday's List, 2010
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Photography: Christian Capurro and Julie Shiels

When a person undergoes a surgical procedure the operation is booked, the risks are assessed and the date anticipated. On the day, the body is prepped and dressed in a special gown but as consciousness slips away, the actual event becomes a void.

Cusp, materialises this void by casting the space in empty packaging that once held surgical implements and devices used in the operating theatre and asks: can these memories be reclaimed? Can we insert our own narratives of illness, healing and intervention into these empty spaces or would we prefer to forget. What and where is this space we inhabit?

Project Space: RMIT, 2010

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