Julie Shiels_Flock_install2_ 2008
Julie Shiels_Flock_amoeba_swatch_ 2008
Julie Shiels_Flock_install3_ 2008
amoeba detail
Julie Shiels_Flock_ 2008_cluster1- 100
Julie Shiels_Flock_Brush_swatch_ 2008
brush - small
Julie Shiels_Flock_install1_ 2008

They flock together – patterns across the wall: a collection of objects cast from the empty spaces left behind in plastic packaging. Sourced from the tool box, the toy box and the domestic environment, the original moulds are the wallpaper of our daily lives – ever present but barely noticed.

23 July – 2 August 2008

Opened by Julian Birnside

Flock: Catalogue essay by Marian Crawford