The Grandmasters I

whole shot 72
AO frame blind morrison 72
climate hang copy 72
brueghel morrriso 72
brueghel taylor framed 72
barnaby joyce schenk 72
ship of foools framed 2up 72
baffoon fr 72
problems with women 72
lucretia- fragonard - big march 72
morrison porter rembrandt. framed 72
Lucretia- march 72dpi
The Death of Lucretia 2 - 72
covid wall - 72
«Portrait d'une jeune femme avec un rosaire», huile sur bois (
«Portrait d'une jeune femme avec un rosaire», huile sur bois (
colbeck new frame
not a race fr - 72
morrison 99% frame fr 72
Ao frydenberg and bosch frame 72
andrews biloela fr 72
andrews Dutton night watch
pork barrel
wyatt morrison_Duet 72
scott hell 72

Exhibition, pasteup: 31 Ferrars Place, South Melbourne.

The Grandmaster series reanimates the historical, allegorical and mythical themes of Old Masters paintings by combining them with choice comments made by our political leaders. 

Shiels started her ‘Covid sanity project’ in 2020 and during lockdown posted her digital collages on social media. More recently selected works have had public outings as pasteups on hoardings in inner city Melbourne.

Hung like a salon in a state art gallery, the latest called ‘Six Months in Politics is a Long Time’ is a collection of prints made from January to July this year. Addressing themes such as climate change, women’s issues, Covid, refugee issues, these political parodies aim to make the politics of the day memorable.

In a time of extreme volatility and flux, it can be a slog to keep up with politics, as we get lost in the fog of reporting, analysis, and opinion. No one can be blamed for tuning out. These digital collages capture the values and decisions of our political leaders on critical issues like climate change, Covid, sexual violence against women and gender equality. The Grandmasters has been conceived to visually present these key events in a new context. The actions or inactions of this government will shape how we live in the future and like the grand narratives of history, we will look back and judge them.