The Grandmasters

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linden Rembrandt trump 2_72-_The_Anatomy_Lesson_of_Dr_Nicolaes_Tulp (2)
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  1. Scott Morrison – Apologies to Quentin Massys, The Money Changer and his Wife.
  2. Scott Morrison – Apologies to Pompeo Bartoni, Aeneas fleeing Troy, (We are all Melburnians).
  3. Daniel Andrews – Apologies to Goya, El Tres de Mayo.
  4. Donald Trump – Apologies to Rembrandt, Anatomy Lesson.
  5. Josh Frydenberg – Apologies to Caravaggio, The Cardsharps.
  6. Tony Abbott – Apologies to Gericault, The Raft of the Medusa.
  7. Barnaby Joyce – Apologies to August Schenck, Anguish.
  8. Josh Frydenberg – Apologies to Poussin, The Plague of Ashdod.
  9. Mathias Cormann – Apologies to van Gogh, The Potato Eaters.
  10. Angus Taylor – Apologies to Verrio, Cyclops Working at Vulcan’s Forge.
  11. Sussan Ley – Apologies to Jusepe de Ribera, St Frances of Assisi.
  12. Scott Morrison – Apologies to Pompeo Bartoni: Aeneas fleeing Troy, (We regulate aged care but when there is a pandemic it’s a matter for Victoria).
  13. Peter Dutton – to Apologies to Theodoor Rombauts, The Quack Tooth Puller.
  14. Dan Tehan – Apologies to Rubens, Saturn Devouring His Son.
  15. Donald Trump – Apologies to Rubens,The Massacre of the Innocents.
  16. Alan Tudge, Stuart Roberts and Robodebt, Apologies to Quentin Massys, Tax Collectors.