The Grandmasters: Lockdown 2020

morrison aenius frame72
El_Tres_de_Mayo,_Goya,_Dan web
trump framed rev 72
wide shot
The Tooth Extractor dutton web
FRydenberg Carravagio 72 fr
potato eaters web
taylor 72
Abbott gericault fr 72
pompeo robo debt trio cropped LANDSCAPE frame
detail hang
kronos saturn Rubens - Tehan web copy
Massy_tax_collectors insta
the-plague-at-ashod 72
barnaby with text web
Rubens_Massacre_of_the_Innocents_trump 72_2
the hang
  1. Scott Morrison – Apologies to Pompeo Bartoni, Aeneas fleeing Troy, (We are all Melburnians)..
  2. Daniel Andrews – Apologies to Goya, El Tres de Mayo.
  3. Donald Trump – Apologies to Rembrandt, Anatomy Lesson.
  4. Wall of Shame – Moor St, Fitzroy.
  5. Peter Dutton – to Apologies to Theodoor Rombauts, The Quack Tooth Puller.
  6. Josh Frydenberg – Apologies to Caravaggio, The Cardsharps.
  7. Mathias Cormann – Apologies to van Gogh, The Potato Eaters.
  8. Scott Morrison – Apologies to Quentin Massys, The Moneychanger.
  9. Angus Taylor – Apologies to Verrio, Cyclops Working at Vulcan’s Forge.
  10. Tony Abbott – Apologies to Gericault, The Raft of the Medusa.
  11. Robodebt trio, Scott Morrison, Alan Tudge and Stuart Roberts, Apologies to Quentin Massys.
  12. Josh Frydenberg – Apologies to Poussin, The Plague of Ashdod.
  13. Dan Tehan – Apologies to Rubens, Saturn Devouring His Son.
  14. Donald Trump – Apologies to Rubens, The Massacre of the Innocents.
  15. Alan Tudge, Stuart Roberts and Robodebt, Apologies to Quentin Massys, Tax Collectors.
  16. Wall of Shame – Moor St, Fitzroy.