Ubiquitous Object, Ambivalent Things

Julie Shiels_Ubiquitous Object_Hook_2015
Julie Shiels_Ubiquitous Object_Hook install, 2015
Julie Shiels_Ubiquitous Object_shrink, 2015
Julie Shiels_Ubiquitous Object_Install_ 2015
Julie Shiels_Ubiquitous Object_Gap, 2015
Julie Shiels_Ubiquitous Object_iststall2_ 2015
Object 5 b+w
lomo light bground
Julie Shiels_Ubiquitous Object_Things_Fall_ 2015

Photographs: Christian Capurro

UBIQUITOUS OBJECT, AMBIVALENT THINGS: PhD Exhibition, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, 2015
The ambivalent things in this exhibition emerge from ubiquitous objects: clear plastic packages or blister packs. Rather than working with trash as constituent materials, this project focuses on the space left behind by the act of consumption, abstracting and reproducing the void in discarded packaging.
Ubiquitous Object, Ambivalent Things reflects on the how remnants of consumption might be apprehended beyond the status of the commodity and endeavours to navigate around ‘aesthetic fatigue’ — a visual overload of images relating to waste (Scanlan 2013). The project uses the ‘ready made’ mould of the plastic package to visualise the space of consumption, inviting poetic reflections on the temporality, materiality and mutability of waste.

PhD Extended Abstract: Ubiquitous Object, Invisible Things:

Material Affect, Objects 1 – 9 (2013) photogram — silver gelatin print, 93 X 111 cm.
Shrink (2015) vacuum formed acrylic and vinyl lettering (Lorem Ipsum), various dimensions.
Things Fall Apart (2013 – 15) peg board and dry plaster, 232 x 360 cm.
Breach (2015) plaster and MDF, 240 x 250 cm.
Hook (2015) resin, various dimensions.
Gap (2012) acrylic dye and thread, 400 x 250 cm.
Resisting Disappearance, Texts 1 – 4 (2015) digital print, various dimensions.