Quoting: Screens

smaller Quoting Gary Shteyngart 72
Quoting 'This is life' 72
Quoting 'Text and meaning' 72
Quoting 'There ought to be silence' 72
Quoting 'Text and Meaning 2' 72
Quoting 'Notes from a defeatist' 72 lighter
Quoting 'So I had to shoot him' 72
Quoting 'Alpaca is a friend not a food 72'
Quoting 'Notes from a defeatist' 1 72
Quoting 'Two lads and Eddie the dog'72

Quoting: Screens is collection of texts that were gleaned from active and abandoned blogs and then inscribed on dumped obsolete TVs. The street and cyberspace are both public spaces where things get discarded and forgotten. (2011 — 2013)