Quoting: As Long as it Lasts

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Quoting myself - Foster St 72
Quoting Dylan Thomas 72
less is more - uncropped 72
You never think - Chapel St 72
You never sleep 72
Quoting William Yeats 72
Quoting John Howard. 72jpg
pardon me 72
object not found 72
making do 72
It's not me it's you 72
is it a desease of the soul 72
Quoting myself - Acland St 72
how does it feel - Mitchell 72
the company you keep 72
cold comfort copy 72
all that remains. 72
I'd rather besomewhere else 72
all that remains 600 copy
Quoting myself - Orr St 72

For nearly a decade, Shiels has transformed hundreds of abandoned objects on local streets with stencils of quotations and truisms Making use of discarded things and found text, these ephemeral works reveal the tensions of gentrification, impermanence and the passing of time. (2005 — 14)

This series of text work manifests in three different forms: text stencilled onto discarded furniture and cardboard boxes (Boxes), and vinyl lettering on obsolete TVs (Screens).

These temporary interventions refer to stencil art and graffiti but without imposing an indelible mark on public or private property.

The work also mimics the conventions of advertising by using computer generated text and inserted into public places. The fonts suggest corporate branding and it only at a second glance that the content emerges. These interventions hopefully disrupt to the viewer’s acceptance of commercial interests as ‘ordinary’ in the natural order of the urban landscape.

The project started in 2005 and was originally posted on ilovestkilda.com. In 2008 the project migrated to writinginpublicspaces until 2014.

A collection of photographs that record Julie Shiels ephemeral text interventions on urban waste has been published by M.33. As Long as it Lasts