posted July 7 2006


Found: Foster Street, St Kilda

posted February 17 2006

Found: Acland St

posted January 13 2006

Found – in back lane behind Carlisle St.

The price tag reads – Video Head Cleaner – $40.00
The label reads – Triple filtered aromas. Not to be sold to minors.

posted December 14 2005

posted November 28 2005

Found: St Kilda streets

posted November 23 2005

Found: Acland St

posted November 11 2005

posted November 10 2005

When J returned to add the second stencil somebody had left her note. She left the website address on the note and hoped that they would meet one day when she was stencilling another discarded mattress.

posted October 31 2005


Found: Flinders St Melbourne

Champagne wire found: Acland St

posted October 25 2005

posted September 19 2005

Found: Carliste St – was it another “bookcrossing“?

posted September 15 2005

Or was it somebody passing on their favourite books for others to enjoy?

I called it “book leavings

but it is officially called “bookcrossing”

n. the practice of leaving a book in a public place to be picked up and read by others, who then do likewise.

posted September 14 2005

Found: Balaclava Station

posted August 25 2005

Only 2% of sexworkers in the St Kilda area actually live here…they can’t afford it.

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