street marks

posted March 29 2006

The comet marks the spot for some new traffic calming in Mitchell St to help the punters who are looking for a girl stick to the right side of the road.

The only kind of aerosol art allowed during the Commonwealth Games. To see the rest of the series go to City Traces.

posted March 15 2006

A matter of taste or a question of manners?

posted February 20 2006

The taggers, the homeless who sleep in cardboard boxes, the junkies who use the needle disposal unit, the punters who visit St Kilda, the paper recyclers or the cardboard boxes?

posted January 16 2006

Dummy On Asphalt

posted December 8 2005

Xmas shopping? End of the year? Threat of terrorism?…

posted December 6 2005

In more ways than one. To see more go to

posted November 22 2005

Go to Traces for more of the ‘city on edge’.

posted September 1 2005

St Kilda vs Brisbane – Saturday – 8.10pm Projection outside Telstra Dome

or insulation against defeat?

St Kilda vs Brisbane – Saturday – 8.00pm Telstra Dome

posted August 31 2005

or losing – a bitter pill?

St Kilda vs Brisbane – Saturday – 7.45 Telstra Dome

posted August 30 2005

Telstra Dome – Saturday 7.15 pm

posted August 24 2005

No permit required.

posted July 29 2005

The stencil was ready: site specific, object specific, and text specific. J had been house bound for 2 day because her son wasn’t well enough to go to school. She’d just picked up her 86 year old mother from Spencer St Station. “I’ve got to go out for a minute, get some cough medicine for L. ”

She jumped on her bike pedalled like fury to the first abandoned arm chair. Gone, the Council must have taken it to the dump. Lucky there is another one around the corner she thought.

Up Acland street she pedalled, phoning her spotter as she went – “it was there this morning” said the voice. J looked at the place where the armchair had been and there was the word.

posted June 29 2005

You have to move a lot when they keep selling your studio too.

posted June 28 2005

J had just placed the stencil in position.
It was probably the noise that caught her attention first. She glanced up and saw a human form engulfed by a swarm of pigeons, moving slowly towards her.

A small figure stopped near where she was working and started talking. J couldn’t understand her words because they were overwhelmed by 100 wings flapping.
J quickly finished the stencil.
The old lady dumped her seed.
Something spooked the pigeons, they rose up into the air and the stencil followed
in the up-draft.

As they both departed she realised what the old lady was saying
“I don’t put the seed on the foot path”.
J had been ready to reply, “I only stencil rubbish”.

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