posted March 10 2006

“What are doing?”, he asked, as she was pinning on the stencil.

“It’s just a bit of temporary art in a public space”, she replied.

“Did you put the couch there?”

“Oh no”, she said “it’s just been dumped. Lots of people move in out of the area, the rents keep going up or maybe somebody got a new couch and didn’t want the old one.”

“Is it a bit of agit-prop?”, he enquired.

“No”, she said, “it’s what ever you want to make of it, however this is a sex beat.”

“Oh” he said “I did notice that.”

When she told him that there was more work on a website he asked for the address as she finished taking her photos.

Suddenly he said, “you’re Julie Shiels”.

“How do you know?” she stammered, part surprise, part horror. “I just looked it up”, and he showed her the site from his mobile phone.

“Can I take a photo too?” he asked “my wife’s an artist, I think she’ll like this”.

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