posted March 22 2006

Maybe the paperboy deserves a raise.

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the security code for 9 inkerman st seems to be 8486#. not very secure any more.


Nup…. you are one digit short and a few digits out….but just in case I have put an even bigger black line through the number. We’d hate the paperboy to get the sack.


thank you for recognising my gruelling early morning efforts out on the paper beat of round 7.Let me tell you they are a fussy lot,having` to hit the closest square inch on the closest veranda-It’s a hard life isn’t it.One lady can’t have her Maple tree hit,another one her rose bush,a screen door-the damage you can do with a newspaper and how it can tear some peoples lives apart-no wonder we have to go through such extensive training.
signed your ever dilligent “OLD PAPER MAN”-KD


by the way is there a prize for “THE CODE”-KD


Well KD I’d just like to say thanks for delivering my paper and I’m really glad I didn’t complain all those times I had to climb up the tree to retrieve it. I’ll be leaving a big tip at xmas.

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