February 2007

One more thing


Overheard conversation #1
“I saw you with the spray can and thought, ‘oh she must be going to paint her car’. Then I thought, ‘it would be great if it was some kid spraying the car lots of bright colours all along the side.’ Is this some kind of art, like an installation?”

Overheard Conversation #2
“I knew the people who dumped this, they just moved out. I lent them my computer table and that was on the street too, but when I went to retrieve it a half an hour later it was gone! People love picking stuff off the street.”

I love St Kilda


Overheard conversation:

“That is just so St Kilda. Where else would you find something like that in the street? I’m going to take a photo.”
“What do you want to do that for. It’s not a Christmas tree!”

The chair was last seen corner of Robe and Acland Street 2.30 pm, Saturday 4th February.