June 2007

Student life for sale


Overheard conversation – outside the new development in Orr St, Carlton

“It’s a long haul from the old days of student share houses. The places might have been falling down and the furniture often gleaned from the streets but at least they had charm and there was plenty of space to party.

Now they stack them into shiny new developments and charge exhorbitant rent for a single room no bigger than a car space. It’s hard to imagine how those overseas students really enjoy themselves here. see www.transnationalandtemporary.com.au

As for local students, most them don’t move out of home because they can’t afford the rent.”

Looking up #4


Reflecting on a puddle

“What are you photographing?
I can’t see anything special. It just looks like an ordinary old laneway to me.
I guess that’s why you are a photographer and I’m not” he shrugged.
And before J- could answer he propelled himself into a nearby office.

Looking up #1


Corner of Bourke and Swanston St, Melbourne

“The cityscape involves a circling, a continual return to the same loci, the same figures the same objects, but each time from a different direction, from a different vantage point.” Walter Benjamin

The gleaner and the smoker


Laneway smoko #11
“Can I help you” she asked taking anther tug on a rollie.
“No, just taking some photos” J- answered.
“We get a few photographers down here but usually it’s homeless people or druggies. I come out here to escape the politics. It’s normally pretty quiet most of the time. Except for Tuesday, that’s when the managers come for their meeting and their cars are parked all along here. Then if the guys in Harley repair shop come out the back for a smoke you can hardly move.”

Gleaner and the cleaner #3


“What are you taking that photo for? Are you a cleaning inspector or something?
Filthy habit, smoking.
I reckon people smoke outside so they can come out here and have a bludge. They should give up. I did eight and half years ago. If I can do it anybody can.
Why don’t you take your photos of real art, well if you want to call it that. It’s not as if there isn’t enough of it around here.”

Digital Harbour, Docklands. 11.30 AM