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The SMS read ‘Mattress – Milton n southey crn.
Beautiful fabric.’

This time J stenciled the work immediately. The last couple of times the council collection got there before her.

Local knowledge


Conversation #1
“How come there are so many mattresses?” she asked “I didn’t think this was a boarding house”.
“Nah, it’s just a block of flats ” said the owner, “the garage was full of them. It’s like everybody who ever lived here left behind a mattress. Whenever somebody didn’t need a bed any more they put it in there. They are in surprisingly good condition though. Council’s coming on Thursday to take them away.” Landlord


“Are you fixing the place up to sell?” she asked.
“No it was falling down, floor boards rotting, dodgy electrics – the kind of stuff that when you start, you keep discovering more. We’ll be lucky if we finish before Xmas”.
“The garage used to be a practice room for a band. With all those mattresses stacked against the wall you wouldn’t even know they were there.”
“They’ve probably moved to Brunswick” Builder’s assistant

Spencer St, St Kilda


“There used to be a guy that lived by the back door of the club. He was there for ages. Had quite a good set up really. That was his mattress and couch but he had other things as well: a coffee table, a vase with flowers and a lamp. He’s been gone for quite a while now, probably ended up in a psyche ward or something like that”. Local resident