hard rubbish

hard rubbish is a series of text work stencilled on objects that have been left in the street.
Click here to see the earlier work from this series that is located on the I love St Kilda blog.


This image absented itself from all of my records  for at least a year. I looked everywhere on several occasion and  in the end concluded that I had written over it. There was another image in it’s place that didn’t quite work as well. I stumbled on it the other day – just by chance – and I’m so pleased I thought I’d post it again.

Moving around

The chair was was originally on the nature strip when the stencil was applied. Then it disappeared for a short time only to reappear in the front garden.

“Glad to see you like my stencil” J said to the neighbour who had lived in the street for 9 years but had assiduously avoided all neighbourly overtures including eye contact.

“Oh,oh” she replied “Did you do that ? – I was trying to get rid of a chair and instead I get this….I was overjoyed…..I have to give you hug”, and proceeded to embrace a neighbour she had so successfully ignored for nearly a decade.