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  1. Mare on September 16 2007

    Quoting Ben Cousins, right? What a modern day philosopher..


  2. Julie on September 17 2007

    I always attributed this quote to Joseph Furphy (see the new link on the post). Some people say that it was also Ned Kelly’s last words. I thought Ben Cousins kicked a footy or is he the new Ned Kelly after his bout of bad boy antics?


  3. Rundle on October 28 2007

    Ben Cousins? Sick of it! How many generations (if ever) must pass before we realise sports performers are not geniuses, heroes, personalities, superstars or any other superlative the adoring Australian public would like to lavish on these people with too much time and too much money, but still pull their trousers on one leg at a time and sit down to s–t just like everyone else!!


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